2023 Protect Child Health Coalition Annual Summit

Friday & Saturday

November 3rd & 4th

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  • 30 Minutes before: Join the Virtual Webinar
  • Welcome – Co-chairs – Mark Bonkiewicz hosting (5 mins.) Review of agenda, overview of protocols
  • Update on the status/mission of PCHC – Exciting New Initiatives for this year–PRESENTER: Co-chairs Merrilee Boyack and Mary McLellan (10 mins) (talk about going public, talk about the new platform for discussion, talk about expanding our mission to include gender identity, etc. – with Q&A)
  • Update on the current state of sex ed – review of COVID impacts, new curricula, new battles, etc. PRESENTER: Co-chair Diane Stover (10 mins., 5 mins for discussion)
  • Update on the legal landscape over the past year – PRESENTER: Mary McAlister and Vernadette Broyles (10 mins., 5 mins for discussion)
  • Defenders Toolkit – Tools to use in your battle! – A presentation and review all the tools that have been developed over the past year – the “library” on our new app that will have them all together – PRESENTER: Katie Cook/Stephanie Gifford/Debbie Simmons (45 mins.) (Merrilee ask) Kimberly Ells – overview of book (3 mins.)
  • The Tsunami Effect – Getting Negative School Boards to Pay Attention! (With updates with COVID in mind!) PRESENTER: Sharon Slater – (15 mins., 5 Mins. Q&A)
  • Catching them in the Act – Capturing & Archiving On-Line Evidence of Obscene Material PANEL: Karen England, Diane Stover, Nicholeen Peck, Debbie Simmons, Robyn Paterson (Diane Stover ask) (25 mins., 5 mins. Q&A) (info that is ready for litigation AND engages and army of activist parents (i.e. Key word searches / proof of school portal is pathway to porn & obscenity /proper archiving )
  • The Latest and Greatest on Removing the Obscenity Exemption (ROES) PRESENTER: Mark Bonkiewicz and Team (5 mins., 5 mins Q&A) (Update on ROES – status and model language – Finding & securing Sponsor & Co-Sponsor Legislators  – Other legislation if ROES is not possible (6 week zone for Parents or Guardian review of curriculum /  OPT-In only / etc.)
  • A quick peek at what’s happening in the rest of the world – highs and lows (including a review of the changes from the Trump Administration) PRESENTER: Sharon Slater (15 mins.)
  • Gender Committee – overview of current status of gender ideology issues impacting children PRESENTER: Erin Brewer and Debbie Simmons (Merrilee ask) (5 mins)
  • What’s coming next?  Intro to Zoom topical interactive sessions coming up and a review of PCHC webinars coming up PRESENTER: Merrilee Boyack (5 mins.)
  • Final Remarks – Mark Bonkiewicz (5 mins.)